Bustle.com Writer’s Experience with Wen by Chaz

WEN Cleansing Conditioner is the newest addition in the line of successful hair care products by Chaz Dean. An aggressive, attention grasping advertisement campaign brought the Amazon sold product into the public eye and now reviews and responses are flooding in.
One article has recently surfaced on Bustle.com, chronicling the writer’s experience with Wen Cleansing Conditioner over the course of 7 days. Honestly, the pictures she provides speak for themselves. In just one week, the writer’s hair becomes visibly fuller, brighter and healthier.

The first use involved an unusually thick helping of shampoo, but resulted in an immediate feeling of increased thickness. Meanwhile, she discovered there were far fewer loose strands of hair being pulled out and clogging the drain. That’s a marked improvement by any standard.

Unfortunately, when she woke up the next day the writer complained of oily or greasy roots. These typically went away after using the product in the shower that night, only to return the next morning. The solution eventually became clear as she changed her shower schedule. Soon the product showed a marked improvement and she claims her shiny hair earned many compliments from coworkers.

The end result here is quite clear. WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a unique product. Sephora offers Wen with considerable benefits in terms of shine and hair health over all. The only downside is that is seems not to last long. If you shower at night then chances are the effects will fade by the time you wake up. It’s definitely a morning product, but if you’re a morning person it should suit you just fine. Read more: http://www.wen.com/why-its-unique.html



In the August of 2010, one Andy Wirth, relocated to Squaw Valley to take on his new role as the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings. For the longest time, this adrenaline junkie had developed an immense love for skydiving and was looking for ways to get into the extreme sport. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

In the spring of 2011, his dream to become a certified jumper was realized and for the very first time he did it, he loved the thrill.

Accompanied by Mountain Athlete J. T. Holmes, the two would go on a jumping spree as often as the CEO’s schedule would allow. Their thirst for ‘The rush’ grew deeper by the day and at times they would jump from the first load till sundown.

According to Bloomberg, One fateful day in October 2013, Andy and some friends were jumping in Lodi after their designated drop zone in Davis was shut down due to winds. The drop zone was pretty familiar to Andy Wirth and that increased his confidence regardless of the windy condition. Unfortunately, the odds this day shifted against their favor.

Following a bad judgment call from the pilot, Andy exited too far from the drop zone. On his way down, he met a conflicting wind that compromised his chances of making the designated drop zone.

The only option he was left with was to land in a vineyard which also did not augur well with him as the winds persisted on pushing him further.

In his final maneuvers, he met an untimely landing catching a pole with his right arm consequently tearing his arm from the shoulder all the way to his mid-forearm. His brachial arm was bleeding profusely.

Wirth realized his slim chances of survival and decided to confront his situation if he was to live. As a former backcountry ranger, he was conversant with trauma management and started containing the situation to the best of his ability.

Andy knew that it is shock that kills many people in times like this and decided that he wasn’t going to give in. He had to keep breathing. As an avid Pearl Jam fan kept saying the lyrics “Just Breathe” and surprisingly they helped a lot to calm him.

Andy Wirth’s cry for help was answered by Amanda, a fellow jumper who helped him contain the bleeding by using the strap of an altimeter as a tourniquet. 15 minutes after Amanda’s arrival, the ambulance arrived and minutes later he was loaded onto a Flight nurse helicopter.

At the hospital, Andy Wirth received 12 units of blood before they could even start working on his arm. That night alone, the doctors spent 12 hours trying to save his arm. 24 surgeries later, 50 hours in the theater, and nearly 90 days in the hospital, his arm was reconstructed.

However with the support from his loving family, friends, and devoted therapists, Andy was able to recuperate slowly. He is now training for the Ironman triathlon which helps him a lot with his recovery.

He is also part the Special Warfare Warriors for the Navy Seal Foundation. Wirth met with a seal team during their winter mountain training where they made friends and realized their common experiences instantly.

He is now partaking in the triathlon in a bid to raise funds for the navy brothers who’ve lost limbs and lives on the front lines. Currently, they have managed to raise at least $ 40,000.

About Andy Wirth

He serves as the CEO of Alpine Meadows of Tahoe, Inc. He has been the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Corporation since 2010, August. Previously, he served as the senior vice president of sales and marketing, Steamboat Ski& Resort Corporation since June 2009.

Andy Wirth holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Colorado State University. He is a man with numerous accolades and not forgetting the heart of a lion.

Anthony Marsala Earns Recognition of Business Valuation Industry

Anthony Marsala of Madison Street Capital has received recognition by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) as part of its 40 Under Forty Program. The individuals chosen for the prestigious honor were picked from more than 125 nominees representing the best of their industries. This group will be promoted through press releases, profiles in The Value Examiner, QuickReadBuzz Blog, NACVA’s Association News, and through other outlets.

Marsala is a co-founder and the Chief Operating Office of Madison Street Capital, LLC. He is responsible for their international presence in foreign markets including Europe, Africa, and Asia. He also handles the firm’s due diligence and analytical teams which are over the business valuation work for the firm’s Corporate Finance and M&A clients.
Corporate Finance and M&A have been a specialty of Mr. Marsala since earning his Master’s Diploma in Strategy from Said Business School at the University of Oxford. At MSC, Mr. Marsala specifically focuses on middle market companies and early stage ventures. Their commitment to integrity, excellence, leadership and service is what sets them apart from their competition. Learn more about the leaders at Madison: http://www.madisonstreetcapital.com/about-us/

MSC works with a client to identify their precise needs so they can best match them with buyers and sellers, arrange cost-effective financing, and produce capitalization structures that maximize their potential. They have a world-class network of financial sponsors that are mandated to lend to middle market companies.

Mr. Marsala has also used his years of industry and finance experience and expertise to craft a distinctive approach to capital raising. MSC negotiates ideal terms based on agreed upon objectives. Their methodologies include valuation considerations and risk mitigation strategies. With an understanding of the market’s appetite for “the deal”, MSC conducts an in-depth pre-marketing phase before handing the baton to their deal execution team that will then negotiate a deal from start to finish. This process includes due-diligence and communicating with prospective investors.

The finely-tuned process used by MSC means management can continue to concentrate on the day-to-day business issues during the transaction process.

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Seattle Genetics: Cancer Treatment through ADC

Cancer is one of those diseases that causes death and ends the life of a patient in a sad way. There have been efforts by scientists and researchers to help find a cure for the condition. However, many different kinds of cancer keep coming up every other day. With this state of affairs, there is much which biomedical and biotechnology companies can do. There are companies which have resorted to innovative ways of finding treatment options for cancer patients.
One of these companies is Seattle Genetics. This is a company which was founded by Mr. Clay Siegall. Siegall is a scientist and a researcher. He is involved in drug research and development. He also specialises in therapies. The company is also a company which is respected in the medical industry. They have come up with many solutions for ailments, includes the recently launched treatment.

What is ADC, you may ask? ADC is a technology which ensures that the drugs used for killing cancer are used for just that. It stands for anti-body drug conjugate and it works by killing cancerous cells of the body only, leaving the healthy ones alone. What this means that the patient does not have to deal with the toxic effects of their chemotherapy on healthy cells. This, in turn, means that they will recover much faster.

Mr. Siegall who is the founder as well as the CEO of the company is also the chairman of its board of directors. With his leadership skills, he has been able to steer the company to greater heights over the years. He is not only known for his contribution to science but also his entrepreneurial skills. As a business man, Mr. Siegall has been recognised for his sharp business acumen. He has been a recipient of many awards including the Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young back in 2012.

Seattle Genetics is led by a team which knows the essence and meaning of teamwork and passion for what they do. The team of professionals is scaling greater heights to ensure that patients get the best medical care and treatment.

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Enjoying the Perfect Vacation at the Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort

The Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort is one of the best possible spots for vacationers that are interested in a good time away from home. There are a lot of people that are looking for something to do with time should certainly consider the benefits of booking reservations at the Squaw Valley.

There are so many activities to engage in. There is never a dull moment. Skiing is a great activity for those that like to ski. There are even ski classes at the resort for those that may be new to skiing. This is a fun activity at the Alpine Meadows resort, but that is just the beginning of the activities that are available.

People that come here can go on a bike ride with their families. This is a year round activity at http://squawalpine.com that works for families that want to check out the trail and see views that they could not see in a vehicle.

There are also events that are specific to a certain time of year. Vacationers that are checking out the event calendar on the Internet will discover that there are some things like Jazz festivals in the summer months. There are also some writing workshops and races that occur during the summer months. This is is great for people that may be looking for a specific type of activity.

Many people are impressed with what the Squaw Valley Ski Resort has managed to provide for vacationers. The Sky Jump is another activity that has become quite popular for families. The families that have kids will be impressed with the Squaw Kids Adventure Camp. This is a great way for kids to discover the adventures at Squaw Valley.

There are going to be activities that offer adults a chance to relax as well. The golf course is certainly a great way for people to brush up on their golf game. Others may want to relax in a hot tub and spa at the resort. The Trilogy Spa is also another relaxing place to visit when travelers take a vacation here.

Roller skating is another activity that people can engage in when they come to the Squaw Valley. Rock climbing is also very popular at this resort. It will become evident that there is a lot of activity for the people that want to be active here. This is a wonderful vacation spot for any time of year.

The Most Important Marketing Strategy For Yourself And Your Business

Today people spend huge amounts of time online interacting on social media sites. As technology advances, time spent on the internet will only increase. Over-sharing on social media and/or negative reviews and comments can do irreparable damage to your reputation.

Online reputation management involves monitoring social media sites for negative comments and reviews and controlling what shows up when someone does a Google search on your name. For a positive online reputation, it’s important that only positive content shows up at the top of a search queue. The way companies do business today is vastly different than several years ago. Customers now have a voice and some express it loudly. While having an opinion is a good thing, a negative comment or post may come back to haunt you and/or your company.

Companies are more and more about being transparent. This is essential to today’s business model, but it can also be risky for companies and individuals. It’s incredibly easy for prospective employers to find information on anyone with a simple Google search. If somebody wanted to tarnish your reputation for any reason, finding damaging content on the internet is only a few clicks away.

Online reputation managers like Fix Search Results give reputation makeovers for individuals and companies by helping to manage search results and removing or burying any negative information. They push positive content to the forefront and negative content down to lower positions in search results where they aren’t as visible. Fix Search Results specifically works with Fortune 500 companies to help them clean up their online image. Since 89% of users don’t click past the first page of results, burying negative information is key to a good online reputation.

The old adage any publicity is good publicity no longer applies. One small remark or piece of feedback, an inappropriate photo, Facebook post, etcetera, can ruin a reputation and hurt prospective business and employment. By utilizing reputation management services, negative and defamatory content can be made less visible, helping you to appear both transparent and highly respected.

Helane Morrison Keeps Protecting the People

Ensuring large corporations operate at an efficient and legal level is a task that few hold. Most of them are unknown and unrecognized. However, Helane Morrison of Hall Capital makes a splash. She is the Chief Compliance Officer, General Counsel, and Managing Director of Hall Capital. Helane has dedicated her life to improving company operations and exposing corporate corruption.

Obtaining a journalism degree from Northwestern University and a Juris Doctor degree from UAC at Berkeley, School of Law, has fueled Helane in her mission as a compliance officer. When first hearing about Ms. Morrison, the first thing that came to mind was, “Here is someone who actually cares about justice!” Her influential drive for justice landed her a seat the US Securities and Exchange (SEC) office in San Francisco. This position granted her an uncensored power in protecting individuals and companies alike from fraudulent bandits.

We’ve all heard or seen something in the new about senior citizens being taken advantage of. Perhaps you knew a senior who was misled by the corporate run-around. This is one of my favorite reasons on why I admire Helane. Helane’s persistent attitude and righteous efforts act as a powerful symbol for women across the world.

Since joining Hall Capital, a company made up entirely of women, in 2007, Helane Morrison has continued on fighting for justice and holding corporate wrongdoers accountable for their actions. So if you’re in Helane’s sights and are up to no good; you can expect her to take you down!

Free AdWords Evaluation Being Offered By White Shark Media

If you don’t know who White Shark Media Review is, you are in for a real treat. This company is one of the most amazing digital marketing agencies in the world and they are offering to review your Google AdWords campaign for you free of charge.

If you are new to AdWords or if you are a seasoned professional, these experts can help your business get where you want to go with ease.

You might wonder why a well seasoned company who has managed over thirty six million dollars in advertising last year alone would share their knowledge with your company for free. Learn more about White Shark Media Review: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/

The reasons are simple and easy to understand. First, White Shark Media understands that once you see how much knowledge they have, you might allow them to manage your campaigns.

The second reason is they believe in their service so much, they know that their experts can help you to get your business to the next level and break free from that feeling of being stuck once and for all.

You can get a Free AdWords Evaluation simply by asking for one. It really is that simple. White Shark Media is a company who has experienced rapid growth and as a result, they suffered a few growth pains and has to take steps to make their way of doing business better for their customers. The first thing they did was listen to their customers.

People said it was hard to reach a live person when they called in, so, White Shark Media added phone lines with direct extensions. Now when you call, you can reach a live person who is managing your account.

Another step they took was to start giving away free evaluations and hold monthly calls to talk about things that are important to their customers and the customer’s business.

Keep in mind that this evaluation is not a sales pitch that is one sided. One of the experts is going to explain everything and as a result you will know much more about AdWords and how everything works.

When you are finished you can have White Shark Media manage your campaign or you can walk away with a better grasp of what steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

Regardless of which choice you make, you will be much better off. White Shark Media will show you how to get the most out of your AdWords campaign and you will be happy with the results.

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The Rise of CCMP Capital Because of Stephen Murray

Many people know of the CCMP Capital firm because of its popularity and the fact that it has helped a lot of people to better invest their time and money into the proper funds.

What you might not know is that its former president and CEO, Stephen Murray, is the person behind the growth of the business and why it is where it is today. Stephen Murray has had a long history in the financial and capital industry, making him one of the best in his field.

The fact that Stephen Murray has a lot of experience when it comes to finances made him the ideal candidate to be the president and CEO of CCMP Capital. People have noticed that this particular company has grown tremendously over time and has a lot of clientele because of its beneficial aspects. Read more: Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away

In fact, when you begin to use the company, you will find that this helps you to get your finances in check and enables you to feel confident that you are able to make money in the long run due to your smart investment decisions. You may only be able to do this with the help of Stephen Murray.

When it comes to finding the right company, one of the best options is to give Stephen Murray’s company a try. You will find that Stephen Murray and his staff are more than willing to help you out and get you the assistance that you need when it concerns your finances. Read more: Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees

For so many people, this has helped them to feel more confident in the investments that they are making and it can be just what they need when it comes to growing your funds.

There are lots of people who make use of Stephen Murray’s company and this is why it has grown to what you see today. So many people have found CCMP Capital to be a wonderful option for themselves and it can be easy to contact their office or to just visit their website and see what is available to you.

Once you make the decision to work with Stephen Murray and his firm, you can get your investments in check and see really what is right for you and what can be the ideal option that you need to feel good about the money you are putting away in order to make more of it in return.

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Freedompop Offers Free WhatsApp Access as Incentive to Opt Into Their Service

According to a recent article on Venturebeat.com, Freedompop is broadening their horizons and reaching out for you to sign up for their services by offering the major incentive of FREE WhatsApp access.

FreedomPop is an (MVnO) mobile virtual network operator that provides cost-free, (basic) mobile plans to the public through the issuance of SIM cards. As Freedompop is set to begin offering the service in the next coming months, the free WhatsApp access will only be available to residents that live in Spain.

Although the mobile virtual network operators have only been established since 2011, they are gradually breaking out into main-stream markets. In September 2015 of last year, FreedomPop began serving customers in the UK and soon will be serving those living in the country of Spain.

Freedompop’s move to use free WhatsApp access to new subscribers of their free basic mobile service is an odd one as they are not affiliated or partnered with Facebook in any way. However, Freedompop is the very first company to advocate for the messenger service and to use the concept to garner more customers and users.

There are only 30% of Spain’s mobile users that DO NOT use the very popular WhatsApp messenger. Perhaps the decision to offer WhatsApp to Spain mobile users is a wise one that may allow Freedompop to monopolize the market there.

Although it is yet to be officially launched in Spain, FreedomPop is currently accepting a limited amount of beta subscribers.

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