Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere Overturns Fashion Rules

“Everyone should wear whatever makes us feel like our best, most expressive selves, regardless of the occasion!” That’s the credo of Lime Crime cosmetic line founder Doe Deere, who says beauty is “what feels right at the moment”.

Deere’s line of intensely colorful, cruelty-free cosmetics has developed an enthusiastic international following since she introduced it in 2008. “Experimentation and FUN is something I brought into Lime Crime, when I started the brand,” Deere said.

Recently named one of Self-Made magazine’s Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs, the Russian-born beauty encourages women to express themselves in every way. An avid supporter of other women-owned businesses, Deere loves mentoring other aspiring female entrepreneurs and welcomes them to contact her for advice through her Instagram.

Deere also says women should set their own fashion standards by ignoring “rules” that limit choices and inhibit self-expression. Tired old ideas like “don’t wear a bold eye with a bold lip” and “don’t mix too many colors or patterns” get the thumbs-down from Deere, who says women should mix and match the makeup and clothing colors that make them happy.

Rules that limit when you can wear socks or tights or specify that girls with candy-colored hair must wear only blacks and neutrals get a similar down vote from Deere. Calling herself a “socks and tights addict”, Deere said she feels no outfit is complete without a statement pair of socks. And when it comes to hair color, she says having rainbow hair shouldn’t stop you from wearing vibrant colors. “Just pay attention to how the colors work together,” she said.

Two of Deere’s least favorite fashion rules say that women should dress according to their age, and every outfit should be chosen strictly according to the occasion. Deere says every garment is appropriate for every occasion, as long as it expresses the wearer and makes her happy. “I believe that clothes are made to be enjoyed, so I rarely save outfits for a special day,” she said.

And when it comes to the “dress for your age” concept, Deere says the right style is your own style, no matter how old you are. “True style knows no age! Just because you turned 30 doesn’t mean you need to ditch your fun stuff and replace it with a more conservative wardrobe. Your age shouldn’t dictate the color or pattern of the garments you can wear. Do YOU, at any age,” Deere said.