Madison Street Capital: Towards Customer-centric Excellent Services

There are very few companies in the financial services industry that matches the reputation of Madison Street Capital (MSC) as one of the world’s leading specialists in mergers, acquisitions and organizational reorganization and restructuring. As a top-notch financial services provider, the Chicago, Illinois-based firm has developed a customer-centric strategy that ensures all their services are tailor-made to cater for the unique needs of their clients drawn from a wide range of industries. For customers seeking to navigate complex business processes such as mergers and acquisitions, Madison Street Capital also carries out due diligence and market analysis, in collaboration with their client, to ensure that they find the right partner. This was the case of ARES Security, which was seeking for recapitalization and financial partnership. Maintenance Systems Management and WLR Automotive Group successfully restructured and reorganized their operations thanks to MSC’s excellent service delivery. Learn more:


MSC’s portfolio of clients and successful case studies and testimonies also include the successful merger between The Spitfire Group and DCG Software Value, which the company played a critical role. The critically-acclaimed Madison Street Capital reputation has been feted with several individual and company level awards. Anthony Marsala who cofounded and currently serves as the chief operating officer of the company was honored by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts with a 40 Under Forty Award. Financial professionals voted it to the final list of the 2016 leading companies with excellent track record of successful advisory on restructuring, reorganization, mergers and acquisitions. After restructuring its own operations, MSC won the 2017 M&A Advisor Turnaround Award. This is one of the highest industry awards, which MSC won by holding off competition from over 300 firms. Learn more:


Company Profile: Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital was founded over a decade ago when Anthony Marsala and Charles Botchway came together in 2005 to establish an investment bank. The two founders head the company’s management team with Charles Botchway serving as the chief executive officer. However, over the past decade the company has restructured and reorganized its operations, which has enabled it to expand its portfolio of services as well as operational markets. While becoming a fully-fledged financial advisory services provider, MSC has also ventured into new geopolitical regions including Africa and Asia. It has also increased its market presence in North America with its wide range of highly customized services. The company’s client enjoy comprehensive services that include legal assistance, company analysis and valuation, due diligence and portfolio valuation. Learn more:



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