Parents Are Happy With Rocketship Education

There has been an open letter written by 374 parents. Their wards are studying in 19 charter schools. This letter has been sent to the Metro Nashville Public Schools school board. It is addressed to its Director, namely, Shawn Joseph.

These are the parents of children who are attending the public charter schools in Nashville. These include the East End Prep, besides Intrepid College Prep, and KIPP Nashville, along with LEAD Public Schools. Others include the Liberty Collegiate Academy, besides Nashville Academy of Computer Science, as well as Nashville Classical, and Nashville Prep. The other schools are New Vision Academy, and Purpose Prep, besides RePublic High School, as well as Rocketship Northeast. Next are the Rocketship United, and Smithson-Craighead, besides STEM Prep, along with STRIVE Collegiate, as well as Valor Flagship Academy along with Valor Voyager Academy.

The parents are very happy with Rocketship Education. They say that they have opted for school choice as they moved into the high-performing school’s zone. Or else they entered the lottery. This way they could get seats in schools of their choice, and this included Rocketship Education too.

They say that they are like parents of any other students who may be attending any public charter school. They felt that their zoned schools could not meet the demands of their children. Hence they had to look for other schools, and this included Rocketship Education too. Hence they are surprised to find their schools coming under constant accusations as well as attacks.

These parents feel that the members of the MNPS board do not want their children and their schools to do well. But this may be the thought of a few members and not the entire board. Hence the parents of these students are demanding an explanation.

These parents are asking all the elected officials to come together and look for a solution. This would require looking at the opportunities as well as challenges being faced by all the public schools in the city.

Hence the parents are asking the board to stop these attacks on the schools and become a productive board focused on the welfare of the students studying in schools including Rocketship Education.

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