How Betsy DeVos is Bringing School Choice to the Mainstream

Finding capable and stable leadership in high ranking government positions can be a difficult job. It can be even more difficult when that position has to be filled by someone who is genuinely passionate about their work. Fortunately for President Trump and the White House, the position of Secretary of Education has been taken up by Betsy DeVos — a hardline Republican from Michigan who believes in the concept of the voucher system and school choice. DeVos comes to Washington with a long history of pro-school choice work in her past and that is definitely worth digging into.

The role of government in education has always been a hotly contested concept. For decades people have wondered just how involved the government should be in the role of educating a child. Readers can go back more than 50 years in order to learn about Milton Friedman who famously penned, “The Role of Government in Education”. This was one of the first missives that expanded upon the concept of school choice. Now, decades later, school choice is finally getting a mainstream hero in the form of Betsy DeVos.DeVos knows that school choice has come a long way and that there is still a long way to go, however that doesn’t stop her from staying optimistic. Her work has been heralded as more than just important to the role of government in education, but essential. DeVos says, “I’ve never been more optimistic.” She goes on to recite all of the important statistics that show a serious surge in the sphere of school choice. DeVos points out that there are more than 250,000 students enrolled in 33 different publicly funded, private choice schools throughout 17 different states. I almost didn’t believe the numbers, this was a sign of serious growth potential.

One thing that many people have against government officials is that they don’t feel like they are truly working for them. I’ve always thought that government officials merely come up and adopt the stance that their administration needs in order to get things done. However, this clearly is not the case with Betsy DeVos. DeVos has been a devout school choice advocate for decades and she has been trying to get things done in that field since well before it was popular to do so. Betsy and her husband, Dick, have been trying to work Michigan into a state that embraces school choice for decades now.For DeVos, finding peace through school choice education has been the mission of her life and it is something that she will continue to tackle at the highest educational role in government. DeVos’ work has thus far stood for itself and there is genuine hope that it will continue to do so in the future. Follow her on Twitter :

Recap of George Soros and the Trade of the Century

It might seem difficult to be excited about a trade but when that trade brings the economic system of a major world power to its knees and makes more than a billion dollars in the process. That is exciting. George Soros did this back in 1992 and he changed the fate of his company and really economic markets forever. Make no mistake about it, the world was in difficult economic times and the result of this gamble was far from a sure thing. If it were a sure thing, there would have been more people on board. The trade was recapped on recently in a riveting article. It clearly explains how revolutionary Soros thinking was and the impact it had on the world.

Even though it was almost 24 years ago, it is important to remember how different life was. Most people were not connected to the internet and didn’t have cell phones. The common person had never heard of a hedge fund and the restrictions on having capital moving from one nation to another were recently lifted. This was really the beginning of the modern news cycle that ran for 24 hours.

The story is simple on the surface on, Soros was running a hedge fund and saw the opportunity to profit by betting against the British Pound. A hedge fund by definition is an economic entity that is continually making bets on certain stocks, options and mergers. In this case Soros thought that the British government would have to depreciate the pound and he bet on it. As a hedge fund leader George Soros leveraged a large sum of money against the pound and when it did depreciate, he made over a billion dollars. The result for Great Britain was not so great as the taxpayers of their nation paid the price and the economy of the country was brought to its knees.

Besides making a billion dollars and sending his personal fortune and reputation into the stratosphere, George Soros set himself up as an expert on economic markets and when he speaks about what he believes is going to happen others listen now, because he has built a successful track record. He has proved it time and time again, building his hedge fund into one of the most successful in the world. He correctly navigated through the economic difficulties of 2007-09 to continue his economic growth personally.

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1932 and much of his professional success he has contributed to his philanthropic interests. He started by supporting black students in South Africa get scholarships to college to improve their lives. Then during the cold war he sponsored cultural exchanges that provided some hope to those people behind the Iron Curtain. Since the fall of communism, Soros has focused much of his attention on developing Open Society organizations in countries all over the world. These Open Societies have worked to protect human rights and provide a transparency in government that keeps people free from tyranny. Soros has become an iconic figure in finance and helping others and it all goes back to the trade of the century.