Freedompop Offers Free WhatsApp Access as Incentive to Opt Into Their Service

According to a recent article on, Freedompop is broadening their horizons and reaching out for you to sign up for their services by offering the major incentive of FREE WhatsApp access.

FreedomPop is an (MVnO) mobile virtual network operator that provides cost-free, (basic) mobile plans to the public through the issuance of SIM cards. As Freedompop is set to begin offering the service in the next coming months, the free WhatsApp access will only be available to residents that live in Spain.

Although the mobile virtual network operators have only been established since 2011, they are gradually breaking out into main-stream markets. In September 2015 of last year, FreedomPop began serving customers in the UK and soon will be serving those living in the country of Spain.

Freedompop’s move to use free WhatsApp access to new subscribers of their free basic mobile service is an odd one as they are not affiliated or partnered with Facebook in any way. However, Freedompop is the very first company to advocate for the messenger service and to use the concept to garner more customers and users.

There are only 30% of Spain’s mobile users that DO NOT use the very popular WhatsApp messenger. Perhaps the decision to offer WhatsApp to Spain mobile users is a wise one that may allow Freedompop to monopolize the market there.

Although it is yet to be officially launched in Spain, FreedomPop is currently accepting a limited amount of beta subscribers.

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